Resources to help you Connect with Youth

  • Connect with young people using text and automation
  • Using non-biased language
  • Why talking openly as a employer about mental health is important to young  people
  • 5 easy next steps after a young person tells you they want to leave


  • 7 ways to engage young people
  • 10 Essential steps to Engaging Youth
  • How to conduct an employee engagement survey for young people
  • Ways to get young people motivated about your company

Onboarding and Retention

  • 7 ways to retain young people
  • Questions to ask a young person in their first week working for your company7 ways to retain young people
  • Checklist for a young person's first week
  • Conducting a meaningful work trial
  • How to lead and mentor your new young employee
  • Overview - Getting New Zealand Employers Youth Ready

Mental Health & Other Support

  • Are You Doing Enough for Your Employees Mental Health
  • 5 ways to look after young employee's mental health
  • 10 Ways Employers Can Help young people with Dyslexia at Work

General Questions

  • Work experience is great for young people, but what's in it for you?