Recruiting Youth Resources
Here you can find helpful resources on how to manage the recruitment of youth workers.

Resumes & Templates

  • What to look for in a CV when hiring a young person
  • Keywords to Look for in Every CV when hiring young people
  • The Youth Job Template Marketing
  • The Youth Job Template Construction
  • The Youth Job Template Sales
  • How To Get Youth Onboarding Right
  • The Youth Job Template_ business administration

Job Advertisements

  • Getting your job adverts right
  • Job Advert Cheatsheet
  • How To Market Jobs for Young People on LinkedIn
  • 11 ways How to stand out from the crowd as an employer
  • 6 things to track to understand if you're on the right track when it comes to  recruiting young people
  • Why it is important to use instagram when recruiting young people
  • Getting your jobs seen by young people on Google
  • 9 Tips on Building an Employer Brand for Youth
  • Recruitment channels

School Leavers

  • Recruiting School Leavers
  • 5 top tips for working with local youth providers to access new young talent
  • Why should you hire a young person without a degree

Onboarding & Misc. Support

  • Checklist when onboarding young people
  • Taking on an apprentice
  • What information you should seek when vetting a young person to join your  company
  • 5 Tips to reject a young person from a job they have applied for
  • Best times to post on social