Welcome to our exciting new toolkit. Especially designed to improve the attraction, engagement and retention of young people in the New Zealand workplace.

The Youth Ready Employers best practice guide has been designed by the Youth Group, a UK-based, cutting edge organisation who are leaders in youth-first solutions, products, and services.

The tool is one of a suite of initiatives the organisation has developed, and is now available in New Zealand through a partnership of the Ministry of Social Development and the Auckland Business Chamber with the resources made available to Chambers and approved business organisations.

The resources are free so if you have any questions or after more information, email us at info@chamber.co.nz

The tools and templates recognise that if a business is to benefit from the availability of young people to the workforce, there may be some ingrained behaviours and practices that employers need to change, in order to attract and keep young workers in their workplace.

Today, we are proud to offer you up to 50 resources from a suite of 150 resources that will be made available to help you benefit from having young people in your workplace. 

Thank you for working with us to make a difference for youth.